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Translanguaging : a matter of sociolinguistics, pedagogics and interaction?

Book Contribution - Chapter

This chapter forms part of an analytical-interpretative exercise in coming to terms with one of the key concepts in contemporary writings on globalization-affected multilingual classrooms: translanguaging (TL). What is the termU+2019s precise scope? What are the theoretical-methodological frameworks which bear upon the formulation of a basis for its implementation? And how can an answer to these two questions be informed by an analysis of instances where TL has been accomplished successfully in classroom practice? As a specific point of departure, we suggest a triadically formulated question: is translanguaging primarily a sociolinguistic, a pedagogical and/or an interactional concept? And, if the conclusion to be drawn is that an affirmative answer is invited for each of the three dimensions, then how might one understand the various interconnections between these dimensions?
Book: The multilingual edge of education
Pages: 165 - 187
Publication year:2018