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Tuning the aroma profiles of FORASTERO cocoa liquors by varying pod storage and bean roasting temperature

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The unique impact of roasting conditions on the aroma quality of cocoa beans has been demonstrated in many studies. However, information on the additional impact of pod storage (PS) and its combined effect with roasting temperature (RT) is unknown. Hence, this study sought to elucidate the collective contribution of these post-harvest/process parameters on the aroma profiles of cocoa liquors produced from Forastero cocoa beans. The beans had been subjected to different treatments following a 3U+202F×U+202F4 full factorial experiment, consisting of PS (0, 3, 7U+202Fdays) and RT (100, 120, 140, 160U+202F°C). Statistical analysis of the results from HS-SPME-GCU+2013MS revealed significant (pU+202F 3U+202Fdays) treatment was required. These findings are expected to challenge the status-quo, specifically in the conventional ways through which the aroma potential of U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa may be steered. On the one hand, the idea of manipulating PS treatment and roasting conditions may indeed consolidate the possibility of creating diverse and/or distinct aroma profiles from the same U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa beans, whereas, on the other hand, it raises the question whether the Ghanaian cocoa beans - being described as U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa - could be a consequence of prolonged pod storage treatment.
Journal: Food Research International
ISSN: 0963-9969
Volume: 125
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2019