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Understanding public acceptance of elite sport policy in Japan: A structural equation modelling approach

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Research question: Considering the current upward trend of public investment in elite sport, the importance of the public’s acceptance cannot be ignored; however, little has been reported on the public’s attitude towards elite sport policy by empirical research. The present study seeks to answer the following research question: What are the significant socio-psychological determinants that influence public acceptance of the promotion of Japan’s elite sport policy?

Research methods: Data were collected from 921 Japanese respondents by means of a randomly stratified Internet-based cross-sectional survey. Five socio-psychological constructs were analysed in order to identify their impact on public acceptance of elite sport policy: personal benefit, social benefit, risk, trust, and athletes’ role model. Structural equation modelling was used to test the causal model consists of ten hypotheses.

Results and Findings: Public acceptance towards elite sport policy is positively determined by their perception of personal and social benefits and negatively by perceived risks. These constructs are further determined by the public’s trust in elite sport policy actors and athlete role model perception. Furthermore, athlete role model perception also appeared to have a direct effect on public acceptance.

Implications: The present study deepens the discussion on, ‘How a nation can increase the public acceptance of elite sport policy?’ and found theoretical and methodological approaches to fill the research gap. To enhance public acceptance of elite sport policy, policy makers should focus on the social benefits and values that stem from promoting the policy and variable measures. The development of athletes who act as a role model is a crucial requirement of the current Japanese elite sport system, as this construct was identified to have the strongest total effect on the public acceptance.
Journal: European Sport Management Quarterly
ISSN: 1618-4742
Issue: 4
Volume: 15
Pages: 478-504
Publication year:2015
Keywords:elite sport policy, public acceptance, athlete role model, social benefit,, structural equation modelling
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