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Verb-based discourse markers in Italian : guarda, vedi, guarda te, vedi te

Book Contribution - Chapter

This research deals with verb-based discourse markers in the regional Italian of Veneto: guarda (te) U+2018look youU+2019, vedi (te) U+2018see youU+2019. We show that these markers differ in terms of functions and syntactic features. We argue that the functions differ depending on the discourse markersU+2019 syntactic position: some functions can be realized only in the left periphery, while others can be realized in both peripheries. When in the left periphery, the discourse markers express the speakerU+2019s attitude, have their own illocutionary force and are much more independent from the preceding linguistic context. Conversely, the discourse markers that can be realized in both peripheries seem to have a reinforcement and interactional role, being strictly dependent on the dialogical context.
Book: Pragmatic markers and peripheries
Series: Pragmatics & Beyond New Series
Pages: 144 - 170
Publication year:2021