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Virtually full-length subtype F and F/D recombinant HIV-1 from Africa and South America

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For reliable classification of HIV-1 strains appropriate reference sequences are needed. The HIV-1 genetic subtype F has a wide geographic spread, causing significant epidemics in South America, Africa, and some regions of Europe. Previously only two full-length sequences of each of the HIV-1 subtype F subclusters F1 and F2 have been described. To extend the knowledge of subtype F variation on a complete genome level, three new virtually full-length F1 sequences were cloned and sequenced, two from Africa and one from South America. [abstract truncated]
Journal: Virology
ISSN: 0042-6822
Volume: 269
Pages: 95-104
Publication year:2000
Keywords:Virology, HIV-1, Genetics, Genome, Classification, Phylogeny, Chimeric proteins, Molecular cloning, Molecular sequence data, Recombination, Sequence homology, Nucleic acids, Africa, America-Latin, Congo-Kinshasa, Africa-Central
  • Scopus Id: 0034732217