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Diederik Aerts

  • Keywords:Philosophy (incl. moral science), Mathematics, General and logistic services
  • Disciplines:Quantum physics not elsewhere classified, Quantum information, computation and communication, Natural language processing, Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified, Cognitive science and intelligent systems not elsewhere classified, Mathematical and quantitative methods not elsewhere classified, Theory and methodology of philosophy not elsewhere classified, Other health sciences not elsewhere classified
  • Users of research expertise:
    • Quantum mechanics
    • Representation of concepts
    • Evolution theory
    • Quantum axiomatics
    • Foundations of Physics
    • Hilbert space mathematics
    • The quantum classical relation
    • EPR-paradox, non-locality, entaglement
    • Bell-inequalities
    • Worldviews research
    • Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity
    • Relativity theory
    • Mathematical modelling in biology
    • Semantic analysis
    • Decision theory
    • Paradox and consistency in science
    • Consciousness research
    • Context and contextuality
    • Layered structure of reality view
    • Evolutionary epistemology
    • Concept research
    • Quantum Computation and Quantum Information