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Lara Hallam

  • Research Expertise:1. Online dating: During my PhD on online dating, I've acquired expertise around: online dating, online relationships, the transition from online to offline relationships and sociosexuality. These studies were predominantly surveys and experiments. As a coauthor, I contributed to the following studies: Hallam, L., De Backer, C. J. S., Fisher, M. L., & Walrave, M. (2018). Are sex differences in mating strategies overrated? Sociosexual orientation as a dominant predictor in online dating strategies. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 4(4), 456–465. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40806-018-0150-z Hallam, L., De Backer, C. J. S., Pabian, S., & Walrave, M. (2019). Verifying identities: The role of third-party reputation information in online dating. In A. Hetsroni & M. Tuncez (Eds.), It Happened on Tinder: Reflections and Studies on Internet-Infused Dating. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures Hallam, L., De Backer, C. J. S., & Walrave, M. (2019). Taking it to the next level: The negligible role of trust when online dating goes offline, Computers in Human Behavior, 90, 259-264, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2018.09.011 Hallam L., Walrave M., & De Backer C.J.S. (2018). Information Disclosure, Trust and Health Risks in Online Dating. In: M. Walrave, J. Van Ouytsel, K. Ponnet, & J. Temple (Eds), Sexting (pp. 19-38). Palgrave Studies in Cyberpsychology. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-71882-8_2 2. (Grand)Sharenting: As a researcher in in the MIOS research team, I contributed to research on sharenting by (grand)parents
  • Disciplines:Anthropology, Applied sociology, Demography, Policy and administration, Social change, Social psychology, Social stratification, Social theory and sociological methods, Social work, Sociology of life course, family and health, Sociology of organisations and occupations, Other sociology and anthropology, Citizenship, immigration and political inequality, International and comparative politics, Multilevel governance, National politics, Political behaviour, Political organisations and institutions, Political theory and methodology, Public administration, Other political science, Economic geography, Human geography, Recreation, leisure and tourism geography, Urban and regional geography, Other social and economic geography, Communication sciences, Journalism and professional writing, Media studies, Other media and communications, Product development, Other social sciences
  • Research techniques:Methodology - Surveys - Experiments - Interviews - Focusgroups Analyses: - NVivo - SPSS
  • Users of research expertise:- Media: Journalists - Organizations: Online dating bureaus - Higher education: College Universities, Universities, High Schools - Public: Singles, online daters