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Malika Dekkiche

  • Research interest:My area of expertise focuses the history of premodern Islamic world. More particularly, my research deals with the history of the contacts between Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran during the 13th-16th centuries. I study how and why those exchanges took place, and on which basis. I base my research on Arabic sources (from the Mamluk period), as well as Persian sources (post-Mongol period). I now also extend this study to both the Western and Eastern part of the Islamic world, to include the Maghreb and India. Another part of my research also focuses on issue of religious patronage in the Hijaz (holy cities of Islam) during the reign of the Mamluk sultanate.
  • Keywords:MAMLUKS, ISLAM, DIPLOMACY, History
  • Disciplines:Medieval history , Middle Eastern history, Political history, World history
  • Research techniques:DiplomaticsDiscours analysis
  • Users of research expertise:Anyone interested in the history of the Mamluk sultanate and post-Mongols.