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Paul De Meulenaere

  • Research interest:My main research focus is on model-based development methods for embedded real-time systems. This entails model-based design, MiL- up to HiL-testing, formal modelling of embedded platforms, heterogeneous embedded platforms, deployment space exploration, design for reliability and functional safety.The main application domains are automotive and mechatronics.
  • Keywords:MECHATRONICS, SOFTWARE, COMPUTER SCIENCE, Physics (incl. astronomy)
  • Disciplines:Automation and control systems, Robotics and automatic control, Embedded systems, Modelling not elsewhere classified
  • Research techniques:Model-based designMiL-, SiL-, PiL-, HiL-testingrapid prototyping
  • Users of research expertise:Companies which design mechatronic products and more in particular their embedded systems.Companies which design the development tools for embedded systems.