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Peter De Deyn

  • Research Expertise:1) Metabolic and neurochemical analyses 2) Behavioural phenotyping of mouse models and preclinical evaluation of symptomatic and preventive therapeutic interventions in validated transgenic mouse models for Alzheimer's disease 3) Diagnostic reference centre for biomarkers in dementia 4) Scientific consulting 5) Brain banking
  • Disciplines:Biochemistry and metabolism, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Neurosciences, Biomarker discovery and evaluation, Drug discovery and development, Medicinal products, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Toxicology and toxinology, Other pharmaceutical sciences, Biological and physiological psychology, Cognitive science and intelligent systems, Developmental psychology and ageing
  • Research techniques:-Apparatus for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in neurological clinical practice -Neuroimaging apparatus: fMRI, MRS, (neuro-activation) SPECT; Pupil assay lab; Updated databases and available patient populations for virtually all fields of clinical neurology; Neurocognitive test instruments : Middelheim Frontality score (MFS) and Emotional Facial Recognition task (EFRT). -Neuromotor abilities: accelerating Jones-Roberts rotarod for mice, Dunham-Miya rotarod for rats and mice, wire suspension test, gait test, stationary beam task, wire suspension test; -Activity and exploration: open field activity and exploration (incl. social) with computerized video-tracking, dark-light transition box with digital counter, computerized registration of cage activity patterns; -Learning tests: step-through box and small animal shocker for active and passive avoidance training, plus-shaped water maze, Morris water maze with computerized video-tracking for hidden and visible escape training, automated operant conditioning chambers with data acquisition software for reward and punishment conditioning protocols, manual conditioning chamber for contextual fear conditioning; -Analysis of behavioural alterations (anxiety, depression, etc.): forced swim test, tail suspension test, sucrose preference task, holeboard, elevated plusmaze -Apparatus for electrographic and evoked potential recording in rats and mice; Neural cell culture room and equipment
  • Users of research expertise:- Clinical neuroscientists - Molecular biologists (a.o. geneticists) - Farmaceutical industry - Metabolic-diagnostic departments