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Linking LASLA corpus - LiLa LemmaBank

This repository contains the triples linking the LASLA corpus to the LiLa LemmaBank.The LASLA Latin corpus consists of a large amount of texts of Classical Latin, semi-automatically lemmatized and annotated with morphosyntactical information, with full manual verification. The Laboratory is part of the Université de Liège and is currently composed by an international team.The linking to the LiLa lemmabank was carried out semi-automatically by a joint team of LiLa and LASLA members (Marco Passarotti, Paolo Ruffolo, Eleonora Litta, Giovanni Moretti for LiLa, Margherita Fantoli for LASLA). Every linking has been manually verified.Source: LASLA texts are available through data-sharing agreements. Editions are based on the available critical editions at the time of the lemmatization but the annotators have modified the texts according to their own editorial decisions.
Jaar van publicatie:2022
Trefwoorden: Latin, Linked Data