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3D-printed optical probes for wafer-level testing of photonic integrated circuits

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Wafer-level probing of photonic integrated circuits is key to reliable process control and efficient performance assessment in advanced production workflows. In recent years, optical probing of surface-coupled devices such as vertical-cavity lasers, top-illuminated photodiodes, or silicon photonic circuits with surface-emitting grating couplers has seen great progress. In contrast to that, wafer-level probing of edge-emitting devices with hard-to-access vertical facets at the sidewalls of deep-etched dicing trenches still represents a major challenge. In this paper, we address this challenge by introducing a novel concept of optical probes based on 3D-printed freeform coupling elements that fit into deep-etched dicing trenches on the wafer surface. Exploiting the design freedom and the precision of two-photon laser lithography, the coupling elements can be adapted to a wide variety of mode-field sizes. We experimentally demonstrate the viability of the approach by coupling light to edge-emitting waveguides on different integration platforms such as silicon photonics (SiP), silicon nitride (TriPleX), and indium phosphide (InP). Achieving losses down to 1.9 dB per coupling interface, we believe that 3D-printed coupling elements represent a key step towards highly reproducible wafer-level testing of edge-coupled photonic integrated circuits. (C) 2020 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement
Tijdschrift: Optics Express
Issue: 25
Volume: 28
Pagina's: 37996 - 38007
Jaar van publicatie:2020