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Research Group

Hoofdorganisatie:Flanders Make

Mass production is giving way to customised production.

Production environments must be able to produce in a highly modular fashion,at the lowest possible operational cost and without any machine downtime.

Customers expect zero-defect products and total flexibility. Moreover, systems are becoming increasingly autonomous. Examples include fruit-picking robots,autonomous vehicles in logistics, unmanned patrol boats, and many others.

Sensors play a major role in these areas. However, it doesn’t end with measuring. Data must be interpreted and applied in robust, self-learning measuring and knowledge instruments to improve mechatronic systems. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in these areas. This is the only way in which we will be able to develop intelligent products and highly effective production environments – smart products and smart factories that are characteristic of Industry 4.0 – necessary to remain competitive in Flanders.

More: https://www.flandersmake.be/en/research/decision-control

Trefwoorden:zero-defect, zero-machine downtime, technology for developing flexible, automated production lines, incorporate condition, process monitoring, designing mechatronic systems, testing mechatronic systems
Disciplines:Control engineering, Productie automatisering, Kinematica en dynamica, Bewegingsplanning en -controle, Automatisering, feedbackcontrole en robotica, Datavisualisatie en beeldvorming, Microfabricage en -productie, Fotodetectoren, optische sensoren en zonnecellen, Fotonica, licht en verlichting, Controlesystemen, robotica en automatisatie, Sensoren, biosensoren en slimme sensoren, Lucht- en ruimtevaartsingenieurskunde, Automobielingenieurskunde, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Productietechnieken, Mechanica, Composieten en hybride materialen, Materialenwetenschappen en -techniek, Scientific computing, Signaalverwerking, Veiligheidsingenieurswetenschappen, Andere ingenieurswetenschappen en technologie, Mechatronica en robotica