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Research Group

Hoofdorganisatie:DESIGN & OPTIMISATION
Tijdsduur:9 mei 2014 →  Heden

The Flanders MakeDMMS core lab consistsof two research teams of the KU LeuvenDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, being the Noise and Vibration Research Group and the MECO research group. Together, thesegroups have a longstanding history and are internationally highly recognizedexperts in the fields of:

·        Numericalmodelling;

·        Engineeringdynamics;

·        Mechatronicanalysis and design;

·        Vibro-acousticanalysis and lightweight structure design and analysis;

·        Sensing,identification, control, optimization and monitoring of mechanical andmechatronic systems

withapplications in,amongst others, the automotive and machine buildingindustry. Expertise in these domains is valorised in various regional, national andinternational projects and programmes.

DMMSis involved in Flanders Make in two core labs: DMMS-M and DMMS-D.  Core lab DMMS-D (D for Design) covers key aspects for the clusterDesign & Optimisation involving:

·        Designand development of physically inspired models;

·        Modelorder reduction schemes;

·        Real-timeanalysis,

·        co-design, co-simulation and optimization. 

Trefwoorden:numerical modelling, engineering dynamics, system dynamics, multibody dynamics, mechatronic analysis, mechatronic design, vibro-acoustic analysis, lightweight structure design, optimization and monitoring of mechanical and mechatronic systems
Disciplines:Automobielingenieurskunde, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Computer aided engineering, simulatie en design, Ecodesign, Mechanische aandrijfsystemen, Numerieke modellering en design, Intelligente lichtgewichtstructuren, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden niet elders geclassificeerd, Productietechnieken, CAD/CAM-systemen, Productiesystemen, Mechanica, Akoestiek, geluid en trillingsgerelateerde ingenieurskunde, Continuümmechanica, Dynamica, vibratie en vibratiecontrole, Kinematica en dynamica, Mechanica niet elders geclassificeerd, Mechatronica en robotica, Fysieke systeemmodellering, Robotstructuren, Composieten en hybride materialen, Materialenwetenschappen en -techniek, Computationele materiaalwetenschappen, Destructieve en niet-destructieve materiaaltesten, Functionalisering van materialen, Metamaterialen, Polymere materialen, Polymeerverwerking, Polymeren en kunststoffen, Scientific computing, High performance computing, Mathematische software, Modellering en simulatie, Numercial computation, Symbolic computing, Productontwikkeling, Human-centered design, Systeem design