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Research Group

Hoofdorganisatie:MOTION PRODUCTS

The Flanders Make EEDT-MP core lab focuses on enabling the design and development of the nextgeneration energy-efficient, compact and reliable electromechanic drivetrainsand drivetrain components.

Ourresearch activities are focussed on the following aspects:

·        Electromechanic actuators & controls:

o   Detailed(unconventional) motor design

o   Power electronicsintegration

o   Machine levelcontrol

·        Cooling, lubrication & thermal energy management:

o   Computationalfluid dynamics

o   Fluid-structureinteraction

o   Innovativecooling concepts: direct coil cooling, two-phase immersion cooling, phaseshifting materials, etc...

o   Models andknow-how on experimental testing

·        Emerging component integration:

o   Parametric modelor experimental data-based research on various combinations of motor, powerelectronics, controls, cooling and lubrication 

o   Multi-physicalmodelling to capture interaction between drivetrain components 

·        Testing & validation of drivetrains &components:

o   Experimentalcharacterisation of drivetrains and mechatronic systems

o   Data capturing


Trefwoorden:drivetrain, electromechanic motor, power electronics, energy efficiency, cooling, lubrication, testing
Disciplines:Mechanische aandrijfsystemen, Tribologie, Human-centered en life-like robotica, Hybride voertuigen, Fysieke systeemmodellering, Computer aided engineering, simulatie en design, Numerieke modellering en design, Thermodynamische processen, Modellering en simulatie, Productontwikkeling