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Beoordeling van ethische, verantwoordelijkheid, duurzaamheid (ERS) mentale frames

This project aims to investigate how learning for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business school curricula can be assessed while still allowing for the complex, pluralistic, and even contested nature of the concept. The project builds off previous research examining the main contestations of CSR at play in business school narratives. This research project aims to examine how the pluralistic and contested nature of CSR might be preserved in student evaluation processes. Ideal types of CSR frameworks (e.g., the business case, the moral case) will be employed to assess individuals’ dominant views (employing choice experiment methodology and attitude scales) and how those developed due to the learning experience. The findings of this research will have high valorization for ERS assessment methods (e.g., accreditations, Sulitest, PRME, etc.).
Datum:1 jan 2021 →  30 sep 2021
Trefwoorden:Sustainability, Responsibility, Ethics, Business education, Assessment
Disciplines:Bedrijfsethiek, Curriculum en pedagogiek van economie, bedrijfsvoering en management