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Dotatiekrediet VIB8 2017-2021: VIB-UAntwerpen Centrum voor Moleculaire Neurologie (CMN).

The VIB Department of Molecular Genetics (DMG) is specialized in the genetic analysis of complex neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. All these diseases are multifactorial in nature i.e. they are expressed due to the interplay of genes and environment. In some of these diseases the inheritance pattern is mainly Mendelian with gene defects in single genes. In others only in a small fraction of patients genetic factors are apparent. In the latter cases, several families with Mendelian inheritance have been identified (= monogenic component). In the majority of the cases the disease expression is modulated by complex gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.Our major aims are to identify novel molecular mechanisms for disease causation and effective drug treatment for these devastating diseases. We use different genetic and genomic approaches to identify genes (causal mutations) and genetic risk factors (predisposing polymorphisms) based on molecular genetics, genetic epidemiology and functional genomics approaches. The contribution of a disease gene is estimated in population and hospital based patient series. Also, we will examine these genes and risk factors in relation to other genes as well as to environmental risk factors. To understand the pathogenic role of these mutations and polymorphisms, we will use cellular systems, mouse and Drosophila models. Also, the observed biological phenomena can be compared directly with those observed in patients. Finally, these models should allow us to test for treatment approaches.There are currently 5 research groups within the department that are each headed by a faculty member: Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases (Christine Van Broeckhoven PhD DSc), Neurogenetics (Peter De Jonghe MD PhD), Peripheral Neuropathies (Vincent Timmerman PhD), Molecular Neurogenomics (Albena Jordanova PhD) and Applied Molecular Genomics (Jurgen Del-Favero PhD).
Datum:1 jan 2017  →  Heden
Disciplines:Genetica, Systeembiologie, Moleculaire en celbiologie, Neurowetenschappen, Biologische en fysiologische psychologie, Cognitieve wetenschappen en intelligente systemen, Ontwikkelingspsychologie en veroudering