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Externe validatie van een volatiele biomerker voor de niet-invasieve screening van pleuraal mesothelioom (MESOBREATH 4)

The search for new, non-invasive biomarkers allowing early detection has shifted towards the field of "breathomics". Exhaled breath contains a plethora of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that originate either from exogenous sources or from endogenous biochemical processes. As the presence of mesothelioma cancer cells alters certain processes in the body by inducing both chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, we can state that changes in the metabolic status of a patient is reflected in changes in the breath profile. Our research group already initiated several sequential MesoBreath Studies evaluating the potential of breathanalysis as a screening tool for an at-risk population. The MesoBreath 1 and 2 studies isolated several breath compounds which are currently being identified and confirmed by in vitro analysis in MesoBreath 3. In this third part of our study, we are performing in vitro work involving the analysis of the VOCs in the headspace air of mesothelioma cell lines. The aim of this 4th Meso Breath study is to perform the external validation of these compounds, in an independent patient group included by an international consortium. This prospective validation is the necessary step before clinical implementation.
Datum:1 okt 2017  →  Heden
Disciplines:Respiratoire geneeskunde