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Netwerk meta-analyse in de gedragswetenschappen: Modellen en toepassingen

Network meta-analysis is a technique to combine direct and indirect evidence of the efficacy of several treatments across studies in order to get a ranking of treatment´s efficacy for a specific problem. The project submitted to the FWO aims to fill several gaps that exist in the research of this technique. Five studies are planned for this project, but only two would be performed during the PDM mandate. The first study will consist in a tutorial paper to show researchers (from the field of Psychology and Educational Sciences) how to perform a network meta-analysis step-by-step. The second study consists in a systematic review that will describe basic characteristics of network meta-analyses published in the field of Psychology and Educational Sciences: number of studies included, number of treatments, connectivity of the network, etc. The characteristics of the network meta-analysis extracted from this review will serve to design the following simulation studies (planned for the FWO project).
Datum:1 jan 2021 →  31 aug 2021
Trefwoorden:network meta-analysis, systematic review, statistics
Disciplines:Statistiek en data-analyse, Methodologie van pedagogisch en onderwijskundig onderzoek