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Neuronale beeldvorming met hoge resolutie met behulp van PSF-engineering

An optical instrument for the visualization of neuronal organization and structure within brain slices with very high spatial resolution will be developed. The optical system will be advantageously over other systems due to the ability of imaging in three dimensions without an increasement of measurement time. This will be implemented by using point spread function (PSF) engineering. The construction and operation of the novel microscope system, including both hardware and software, and the application for the visualization of brain slices are part of the project.

Datum:16 jun 2020  →  Heden
Trefwoorden:Confocal microscope, Superresolution optical fluctuation imaging (SOFI), Point spread function (PSF) engineering, Neuroimaging
Disciplines:Neuroimaging, Spectroscopische methoden, Optische fysica niet elders geclassificeerd
Project type:PhD project