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P4P Participation for Protection

The ultimate aim of Participation for Protection" is to foreground the views, experiences and voices of children in training to enhance and support integrated and multi-disciplinary child-centred approaches to child victims of violence, raise children’s understanding of reporting mechanisms and support structures, and improve their treatment and involvement in services and systems across Europe.

Activities : Design a project based on a children’s rights model involving children and young people (CYP) throughout; Collect children’s views on service responses to victims of violence; mechanisms to better include children; training for professionals; development of resources for children Design training/resources in consultation with CYP Deliver training/disseminate resources through training events Type and number of persons benefiting from the project 16 CYP in project advisory groups 84 marginalised CYP 384 professionals in education, alternative care, child protection/welfare, youth/community work and law/justice sectors 400 students/trainees in social worker, education, children’s rights, youth justice and family support.

Datum:1 dec 2017 →  30 nov 2019
Trefwoorden:capacity building, child protection, Children's participation, child victims of violence, children's rights