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To strengthen Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri (IPK, Cuba) and National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (INHEM, Cuba) towards accomplishment of their academic mission through capacity building and scientific co-operation. (CUBA - 2018 - FA4)

This programme aims to contribute to achieving better population health outcomes and promoting sustainable human development by building capacities through collaborative research and action in the field of public health and by putting the Cuban expertise to value at international level through supporting academic networking. The institutional research capacity of IPK and INHEM will be strengthened through investment in equipment, transfer of technology, development of human resources and facilitation of staff mobility. Research capacity will be built in the domains of disease control (arbovirosis, tuberculosis, parasite infections and sexually transmitted infections) and health care organisation (focussing on improving health service organization to deal with chronic diseases), mobilising public health, biomedical and clinical science capacities. Incorporation of regional partners in selected joint research activities will form part of the programme, as well as a tri-lateral collaboration between Cuba, Belgium and DR Congo, initially focussing on arbovirosis control. This will boost the international impact of our joint research and create the opportunity for translation of our scientific results in wider, sustainable health policies.
Datum:1 jan 2018 →  31 dec 2018