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Wetenschap verbinden met de samenleving (EU POLARNET) (EU477)

The rapid changes occurring in the Polar Regions are significantly influencing global climate with consequences for global society. European polar research has contributed critical knowledge to identifying the processes behind these rapid changes, but datasets from the Polar Regions are still insufficient to fully understand and more effectively predict the effects of change on our climate and society. This situation can only be improved by a more holistic integrated scientific approach, a higher degree of coordination of polar research and closer cooperation with all relevant actors on an international level. Polar issues have been rising up the political agenda across Europe over the past decade. The increasing level of investment now being made by governments is a clear demonstration of how critical polar research outcomes are for informing policy objectives, including those relating to climate change, energy security, global food security, innovation and economic growth.
The overall objective of EU-PolarNet are to establish an on-going dialogue between policy-makers, business and industry leaders, local communities and scientists to increase mutual understanding and identify new ways of working that will deliver economic and societal benefits. The results of this dialogue will be brought together in an Integrated European Research Programme that will be co-designed with all relevant stakeholders and coordinated with the activities of polar research nations beyond Europe. This programme will be accompanied by a feasible implementation plan to provide Europe with the capability to define the nature of environmental risks so that governments can design policy measures to mitigate them and businesses and other stakeholders benefit from the opportunities that are opening up in the Polar Regions.
Datum:1 mrt 2015 →  30 jun 2020
Trefwoorden:polar research, geography
Disciplines:Andere aardwetenschappen niet elders geclassificeerd