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A 3D printed thermal manikin head for evaluating helmets for convective and radiative heat loss

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

Thermal performance of three bicycle helmets for radiative and convective heat loss was evaluated through heat loss experiments in a wind tunnel. A 3D printed thermal manikin head of a 50th percentile western male population was developed. Thermal performance of a helmet was quantified by comparing the manikin head heat losses with and without helmet. Experiments were performed for two air velocities: 1.6 m/s and 6 m/s. An infrared heat lamp positioned above the manikin simulated the effect of solar load. The results from the experiments showed a convective cooling efficiency between 89% and 96% for open helmets and between 78% and 83% for closed helmets. The radiative heat gain ranged from 3.5 W to 4.5 W for open helmets and 5 W to 8 W for closed helmets.
Boek: Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association : Ergonomics in Design, Design for All, Activity Theories for Work Analysis and Design, Affective Design / Bagnara, S. [edit.]; et al.
Pagina's: 592 - 602
Jaar van publicatie:2019