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Competing nonlinear mechanisms in the dynamics of current sheet-stream interactions in the solar environment : 3D fluid and kinetic simulations

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A proper insight of complex dynamics observed for several structures in the Solar atmosphere as well as in the whole Heliospheric environment can not disregard a detailed analysis of combined magnetic and velocity shear driven instabilities. Such phenomena evolve according to a wide range of lengthand time-scales so that both the fluid and the kinetic modeling approach are required. We address the problem of combined magnetic and velocity shear driven 3D instabilities of a plane current-vortex sheet in a compressible situation and comparisons are made between 3D high-order MHD and kinetic simulations performed to follow the system throughout its linear and nonlinear regime. Several ingredients turn out to be critical on the competition between a two-dimension behavior and a fully three-dimension evolving plasma system, such as the dependence on the background field geometry and the interaction among the linearly-increasing modes that afterwards determine either a well-developed single or a multiple stage nonlinear regime. These are fundamental factors that can be invoked, for instance, in triggering mechanisms of solar explosive phenomena at the Chromospheric level, for a proper description of magnetic reconnection processes both in the low atmosphere as well as in the creation, acceleration and evolution of structures like the slow solar wind, polar plumes and several other sheared jet-like structures in the Heliosphere.
Boek: COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Pagina's: 270
Jaar van publicatie:2008