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Composite vortices in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates

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Motivated by the recent observation of composite vortices in two-gap superconductors, we investigate the occurrence and stability of composite vortices in a two-component Bose condensate. As a function of the inter-component interaction strength, the vortices in the two components of the Bose mixture can overlap and form a composite vortex object. However, when two such composite vortices approach each other, their mutual interaction may cause the composite object to dissociate in its component vortices. We derive the phase diagram for the stability of composite vortices as a function of the interaction strengths of the Bose condensates, based on a variational calculation. The effective forces between the component vortices of the composite object are also derived within this approach, and allow for an interpretation of the phase diagram.
Boek: 21st International Laser Physics Workshop, JUL 23-27, 2012, Calgary, CANADA
Pagina's: 1 - 7
Jaar van publicatie:2013