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Dialectologie en Nederlandse zinsbouw vanuit het perspectief van taal(norm)verandering

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Dialectology and Dutch syntax from the perspective of linguistic (norm) change Jeroen van Craenenbroeck demonstrates in a highly convincing way that both synchronous descriptions and theoretical approaches of the syntax of Standard Dutch can be optimized by including analyses of dialect variation. Besides a minor reservation with respect to van Craenenbroeck’s interpretation of the conjugation of conjunctions, this response adds a complementary perspective to van Craenenbroeck’s overall argumentation by arguing that the inclusion of geolinguistic research on dialect variation is also indispensable for the diachronic study of Dutch syntax.
Tijdschrift: Nederlandse Taalkunde
ISSN: 1384-5845
Volume: 24
Pagina's: 69 - 73
Jaar van publicatie:2019