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Driving factors of occupants’ satisfaction with IEQ in a school building

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Occupant dissatisfaction with the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) could lead to learning loss among scholars, therefore, it is important to gain more insight in the driving factors influencing their satisfaction with IEQ in classrooms. This paper presents the results of an 8-week long monitoring campaign in three classrooms of a secondary school in Belgium. This longitudinal study consisted of both satisfaction assessments via regular surveys and measurement of multiple IEQ parameters. Finally, contextual information, such as the participants’ location in the classroom and type of course, was gathered. In total 834 satisfaction evaluations were gathered from 65 unique participants and showed that the participants were in general satisfied with the classrooms’ IEQ. The majority of occupant complaints were related to the thermal environment and indoor air quality. Mixed-effect regression analysis showed the important influence of occupants’ location on their satisfaction. Furthermore, indoor air temperature was the most influencing environmental parameter.
Boek: Indoor Air 2022 proceedings
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Jaar van publicatie:2022