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Effect of outgoing nucleon wave function on reconstructed neutrino energy

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The main goal of accelerator-based neutrino experiments is the determination of the neutrino oscillation parameters, The oscillation probability depends on the ratio of the distance traveled by the neutrino to its energy, therefore the determination of the distribution of neutrino energies in a detector is crucial. The reconstructed neutrino energy is a kinematic variable which is determined by the energy and scattering angle of the final state lepton in charged current (CC) scattering off an atomic nucleus. The distribution of reconstructed energies around the true incoming energy depends on the nuclear model used to describe the ν-nucleus cross section. We show the effect of distortion of the outgoing nucleon wave function on these distributions.
Boek: Basic Concepts in Nuclear Physics: Theory, Experiments and Applications : 2018 La Rábida International Scientific Meeting on Nuclear Physics
Pagina's: 157 - 158
Jaar van publicatie:2019