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The end of the Protopalatial period at Phaistos : defining a MM IIB final ceramic phase?

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The end of the Protopalatial period in Crete (M(idle) M(inoan) IIB: late 18th century BC) is characterised in some Minoan sites by a destruction horizon. At Phaistos, in South Central Crete, two distinct architectural phases associated with the ultimate stage of the First Palace have been identified by V. La Rosa and F. Carinci. These are known as the ‘Kouloures phase’ (MM IIB) and the ‘Sacelli or Shrines phase’ (MM IIB Late) and they were separated by a partial destruction of the Palace. The ‘Kouloures phase’ is marked by architectural monumentalisation, whereas the ‘Shrines phase’ is a period of resurgence after the partial destruction and before the complete collapse of the Palace. It is possible to observe during this second phase the construction of some rooms, such as the so-called shrines in the North-West building, and the reconstruction of others, such as the rooms LIX, LX and LXIV in the South-West building. These three rooms deserve further attention since they were partially reoccupied and monumentalised after the partial destruction of the Palace collapse. Most importantly, they contain the only preserved levels in a palatial building on Crete belonging to the main destruction which occurred at the end of the ‘Shrines phase’. My aim is to present the new pottery phase that I identified during my PhD research. By focusing on the destruction deposits in LIX, LX and LXIV, I recognised the existence of a later phase in MM IIB. In fact, the pottery deposits from the latest occupation of these rooms seem to date to MM IIB Late, showing some ceramic types and decoration that pre-empt the ceramic trends of the successive MM IIIA phase. I will also show the connections with the coeval pottery of Knossos in order to underline a possible knossian influence.
Boek: Protopalatial pottery : relative chronology and regional differences in Middle Bronze Age
Series: Aegis
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Jaar van publicatie:2024