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'Evidence-based teaching, evidence-based teacher education' (Quality of Teachers and Quality of Teacher Education)

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Worldwide, teachers are considered as the critical actor determining to a large extent the quality of education. In education, we observe a clear trend towards evidence-based teaching and learning approaches that build on available research evidence to ground educational practices. This trend seems not to be refl ected in the way teacher education is being set up. Meta-analyses are critical as to the outcomes of teacher education. Dominant approaches also neglect new approaches towards teacherU+2019s professional identity and do not respect the full complexity of the teaching and learning setting. The present article therefore centres on the urgent need to reconsider teacher training models that refl ect a congruency with the way teachers are expected to teach (evidence-based) in their future practice. At the same time, it urges teachers to adopt a refl ective practitioner approach and a U+201Cteacher as a researcher attitudeU+201D towards the effi ciency and effi cacy of their educational practices. In line with the debate pursued with this article, we centre on the critical issue of U+201CoutcomesU+201D of teacher education and how this affects macro-level and meso-level perspectives on teacher education.
Boek: Preparing teachers for the 21st Century
Series: New Frontiers of Educational Research
Pagina's: 53 - 66
Jaar van publicatie:2013