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Facial twitches in patients after maxillofacial surgery: A case series

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© 2017 The Authors Oral and maxillofacial procedures can potentially injure one or more cranial nerves, leading to facial nerve palsy. Iatrogenic trauma resulting in facial twitching due to aberrant regeneration of nerve fibers is a potential consequence. However, facial twitches have a broad differential diagnosis and are seen in both benign and life-threatening neurological conditions. Few reports describe twitches like orofacial fasciculations, myokymia, or other movement disorders after maxillofacial surgery. This case series aims to raise awareness of this phenomenon by reviewing three patients with different types of facial twitches after oral and maxillofacial surgery. The literature concerning facial movement disorders and their possible etiology is discussed.
Tijdschrift: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Cases
Issue: 3
Volume: 3
Pagina's: 76 - 79
Jaar van publicatie:2017