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God planted Paradise in Eden and there He placed man He had shaped. A Critical Study of the Sermons De Creatione Hominis (CPG3215-3216) and De Paradiso (CPG 3217

Boek - Dissertatie

Translation, critical source analysis and exegesis of three little studied/neglected Greek treatises, handed down in Gregory of Nyssa's name, being two sermons de creatione hominis and one sermo de paradiso. First of all, these texts will be translated into English for the very first time using Hörner's main text (1972) as a base and they will be provided with explanatory notes. After that, a critical interpretation of the text will be given with attention to its different facets. (1) Philologically, we will discuss the question of the author of the texts in the first place. Subsequently, the various text reviews that appeared in the critical edition of Hörner, will be subjected to a thorough investigation to determine whether the text Horner choses as her main text really is the most correct text. (2) A second major part of the research focuses on the different sources and influences which can be found in the text, in particular how the early Christian basis of the text also shows influences of pagan philosophers and doctors. (3) A third facet is again a philological one. The text will be submitted to a thorough literary analysis, which will focus on the text's genre, in particular the Kreuzung der Gattungen that can clearly be found in the text. (4) Finally, based on information previously found, the intended purpose and audience of the text will be examined to conclude the study of our text.
Jaar van publicatie:2023