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High-Performance Development Pathways (2nd ed)

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This chapter outlines the complexities involved with designing and delivering pathways towards elite or high-performance sport. Elite athlete development and high-performance development pathways are important because they enable talented athletes to excel in their performances and represent their country at international and world-stage competitions. In this chapter, the non-linear nature of SD and athlete pathways is considered, as are intersections between pathways, policies, and practices. The chapter focuses on the input of various stakeholders or organisations, as well as the people who deliver athlete pathways. Comparisons and examples of different sports and practices are used to highlight the diversity of elite pathways and the variety of policies, strategies, and tactics used. Recent studies pointing toward emerging high-performance pathways, such as talent transfer, are also examined.

Boek: Managing Sport Development
Pagina's: 73-87
Aantal pagina's: 15
Jaar van publicatie:2024