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How to be a Catholic Copernican in the Spanish Netherlands

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

The notion of Catholic Copernicanism in the aftermath of the Galileo affair remains something of an apparent oxymoron. It has been suggested that after the Galileo affair of 1633, cosmological truth went underground in the Catholic world for many decades, thus creating an asymmetry in the role played by Catholic and Protestant Europe in the so-called Scientific Revolution. Focusing on the case of the Spanish Netherlands, this chapter unearths a considerably different situation, where Roman directives were appropriated under local criteria for adequate cosmological truth-telling, and where the notion of public Catholic Copernicanism continued to be a tangible reality.
Boek: Making truth in early modern Catholicism
Series: Scientiae Studies
Pagina's: 85 - 110
Jaar van publicatie:2021