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Infection and vaccine-induced HPV-specific antibodies in cervicovaginal secretions. A review of the literature

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Background: Human papillomavirus (HPV) infects and propagates in the cervical mucosal epithelium. Hence, in addition to assessing systemic immunity, the accurate measurement of cervical immunity is important to evaluate local immune responses to HPV infection and vaccination. This review discusses studies that investigated the presence of infection and vaccine-induced HPV-specific antibodies in cervicovaginal secretions (CVS). Methods: We searched the two main health sciences databases, PubMed and the ISI Web of Science, from the earliest dates available to March 2019. From the eligible publications, information was extracted regarding: (i) study design, (ii) the reported HPV-specific antibody concentrations in CVS (and the associated serum levels, when provided), (iii) the CVS collection method, and (iv) the immunoassays used. Results: The systematic search and selection process yielded 44 articles. The evidence of HPV-specific antibodies in CVS after natural infection (26/44) and HPV vaccination (18/44) is discussed. Many studies indicate that HPV-specific antibody detection in CVS is variable but feasible with a variety of collection methods and immunoassays. Most CVS samples were collected by cervicovaginal washing or wicks, and antibody presence was mostly determined by VLP-based ELISAs. The moderate to strong correlation between vaccine-induced antibody levels in serum and in CVS indicates that HPV vaccines generate antibodies that transudate through the cervical mucosal epithelium. Conclusion: Although HPV-specific antibodies have lower titres in CVS than in serum samples, studies have shown that their detection in CVS is feasible. Nevertheless, the high variability of published observations and the lack of a strictly uniform, well-validated method for the collection, isolation and quantification of antibodies indicates a need for specific methods to improve and standardize the detection of HPV-specific antibodies in CVS.
Tijdschrift: Papillomavirus Research
Volume: 8
Aantal pagina's: 19
Jaar van publicatie:2019