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Involving children and young people in policymaking : a children’s rights-based approach to co-creative practice in REFLECTOR

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

This chapter draws on the emerging experience of the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (hereafter KeKi) in addressing complex problems relating to enacting children’s rights in a co-creative way. With REFLECTOR, a project aimed at enhancing the participation of children and young people in policymaking in Flanders (Belgium), KeKi explored the possible connection between children’s rights and co-creative practice as a means to not only research but also strengthen the policy participation of children and young people. This chapter builds on the preliminary results of REFLECTOR1 to analyse a twofold research question. Firstly, what challenges and opportunities occur when introducing a co-creative research method to tackle complex problems of enacting children’s rights? And secondly, for the purpose of this book, how could the lessons learned be inspirational in the context of children and young people with a migration background?
Boek: Co-creation in migration studies : the use of co-creative methods to study migrant integration across European societies
Series: CeMIS Migration and Intercultural Studies
Pagina's: 247 - 278
Jaar van publicatie:2021