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La variación (socio)lingüística del vocativo en el español madrileño actual

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

This paper investigates the formal, functional and sociolinguistic variation of the vocative in contemporary Madrilenian Spanish. For this purpose, vocative occurrences found in spontaneous conversations between Madrilenian speakers in the Corpus Oral de Madrid-2016 are analyzed. The vocative is considered a strikingly productive category in Spanish, in terms of both its token frequency and type productivity. Given this highly productive character of the Spanish vocative, this study pursues three main objectives. The first part aims to uncover the vocative's formal and functional scope. To do so, we provide the inventory of vocative forms used in the corpus, examine their origin and describe their semantic-pragmatic features. Additionally, we intend to disentangle the pragmatic-discursive functions assumed by these forms, by taking into account the vocativeU+2019s multifunctionality. The second part aims to shed light on the sociolinguistic distribution of the vocativeU+2019s linguistic variability. Therefore, the vocative's linguistic variation (form/function) will be scrutinized in light of the speakers' sociolinguistic profile (gender/age).
Boek: Repenser la variation linguistique : actes du Colloque DIA IV à Zurich (12-14 sept. 2016)
Series: TraLiRo - Sociolinguistique, dialectologie, variation
Pagina's: 233 - 248
Jaar van publicatie:2018