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Learning formulaic sequences through viewing L2 television and factors that affect learning

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

The present study explores the incidental learning of formulaic sequences (FS) from audio-visual input and factors affecting the learning of FS. A pretest-posttest, within-participant design was adopted. English-as-a-foreign-language learners (L1 = Dutch; n = 42) watched a one-hour English language documentary without subtitles. Learning gains were measured at the level of form recall and meaning recall. Significant learning gains were found in both the form recall and meaning recall tests, indicating that several knowledge aspects of FS can be learned incidentally from audio-visual input. The findings also revealed a positive relationship between learners’ prior vocabulary knowledge and the learning gains. Further, several item-related factors affected the learning gains (e.g., collocate-node relationship, frequency). Finally, the findings showed the incremental nature of learning FS, as pre-knowledge of the meaning of the FS prior to the TV viewing was the strongest predictor of learning the form of FS.
Tijdschrift: Studies in Second Language Acquisition
ISSN: 0272-2631
Issue: 3
Volume: 42
Pagina's: 525 - 549
Jaar van publicatie:2020
BOF-publication weight:10
CSS-citation score:3
Authors from:Higher Education