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Optimal Sizing and Aging Investigation of Second Life Lithium-ion Battery Using Renewable Power Smoothing Stationary Application

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Integration of large renewable energy sources (RESs) to the grid is aimed to solve the problem of shortage of power with the production of surplus
energy and satisfy the increasing demand. However, the intermittent nature of RESs is challenging to integrate with the grid system. Therefore, the utilization of storage batteries, particularly the re-use of retired electric vehicle batteries for stationary application is therefore a reliable solution to mitigate this problem. In order to evaluate the performance of second life batteries in stationary application, first, the optimal sizing of storage batteries and the cycling profile definitions are performed. Based on the defined cycling current profiles, the second life aging of retired battery cells is conducted at the cell and module level aspects. From the result of the study, it is found that the technical performance of second life batteries is promising and can be regarded as a viable solution for the integration of RESs with the grid system.
Boek: IEEE VPPC 2022
Edition: 2022
Pagina's: 1-6
Aantal pagina's: 6
Jaar van publicatie:2022