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Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschrift Editorial

The FoIKS symposia provide a biennial forum for presenting and discussing theoretical and applied research on information and knowledge systems. The goal is to bring together researchers with an interest in this subject, share research experiences , promote collaboration, and identify new issues and directions for future research. Another characteristic of the FoIKS symposia is that they are a forum for intensive discussions. Speakers are given ample time to present their results, expound relevant background information, and put their research into context. Furthermore, participants are asked in advance to prepare a first response to a contribution of another author in order to initiate discussion. FoIKS 2016 solicited original contributions on foundational aspects of information and knowledge systems. This included submissions that apply ideas, theories or methods from specific disciplines to information and knowledge systems. Examples of such disciplines are discrete mathematics, logic and algebra, model theory, information theory, complexity theory, algorithmics and computation, statistics, and optimization.
Tijdschrift: Annals of mathematics and artificial intelligence
ISSN: 1012-2443
Issue: 3-4
Volume: 83
Pagina's: 209 - 212