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Rapid manufacturing of collagen scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering

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This manuscript describes the development of a collagen moulding method for the reproducible rapid manufacturing of storable thin collagen leaflets up to 50 m in thickness, which are intended for use as cardiac patches. The fabricated collagen leaflets are seeded with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and kept in culture up to 7 days, after which a high percentage of cell viability is observed, as well as an adherent dense multilayer of cells. The mechanical properties of the leaflets, which are determined in a flexural indentation experiment, are observed to be inferior to those of the natural aortic valve cusp. As such, the parts created with the collagen moulding method are considered very suitable for further research to use them as cardiac patches but will require further improvement of their structural integrity for application as valve cusp scaffolds.
Boek: High value manufacturing : advanced research in virtual and rapid prototyping
Pagina's: 137 - 142
Jaar van publicatie:2014