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Simple time domain analysis of a five-level H-bridge Flying Capacitor converter voltage balancing

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Flying Capacitor (FC) multilevel Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) converters are an attractive choice due to the natural balancing property of the capacitor voltages. The balancing can be studied in the time domain, which results in easy to interpret expressions regarding parameter influence. Time domain analysis is normally done by time averaging of the system model over a PWM-period. In this paper a new method is presented starting from the U+201Cvoltage unbalanceU+201D excessive energy which has to be dissipated in the converter load by switching harmonics in the load current. This is applied on a five-level H-bridge converter, which has dynamics of a high order and is normally hard to describe in the dime domain. The proposed method results in time domain parameters exactly describing the behaviour and the balancing of the capacitor voltages of the five-level H-bridge converter.
Boek: 2010 14th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (EPE/PEMC 2010)
Pagina's: T2-139 - T2-146
Jaar van publicatie:2010