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Stabilization for equal-order polygonal finite element method for high fluid velocity and pressure gradient

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

This paper presents an adapted stabilisation method for the equal-order mixed scheme of finite elements on convex polygonal meshes to analyse the high velocity and pressure gradient of incompressible fluid flows that are governed by Stokes equations system. This technique is constructed by a local pressure projection which is extremely simple, yet effective, to eliminate the poor or even non-convergence as well as the instability of equal-order mixed polygonal technique. In this research, some numerical examples of incompressible Stokes fluid flow that is coded and programmed by MATLAB will be presented to examine the effectiveness of the proposed stabilised method.
ISSN: 1546-2226
Issue: 3
Volume: 62
Pagina's: 1109 - 1123
Jaar van publicatie:2020