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Studying second language production

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

In today’s globalized world, we are surrounded by words, sentences, and texts produced by second-language (L2) users. Databases containing spontaneous speech and assignments produced in foreign language classes provide a wealth of information on the eventual products that L2 users produce. This chapter will focus on psycholinguistic methods that have been used to investigate the process of L2 production by eliciting words and sentences in an experimental context. The first part of the chapter focuses on key methods used for eliciting words (word naming, picture naming, color naming), while the second part deals with methods used in L2 sentence production studies (sentence completion and picture description).
Boek: The Routledge handbook of second language acquisition and psycholinguistics/ Godfroid, A. [edit.]; Hopp, H [edit.]
Pagina's: 124 - 136
Jaar van publicatie:2023
Trefwoorden:H1 Book chapter