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User Modeling Approaches towards Adaptation of Users’ Roles to Improve Group Interaction in Collaborative 3D Games

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This paper focuses on how adaptation of users' roles based on a collaborative user model can improve group interaction in collaborative 3D games. We aim to provide adaptation for users based on their individual performance and preferences while collaborating in a 3D puzzle game. Four different user modeling approaches are considered to build collaborative user models. Through an experiment, we present the validation of these approaches for two different cases: co-located collaboration and remote collaboration. From the experiment, we learned that the Minimum total time approach, which defines the best collaboration as the one that gives the shortest total time in completing the task, works mostly effective in both situations.
Boek: Proceedings of the14th International Conference, HCI International 2011
Series: 6764
Pagina's: 668 - 677
Jaar van publicatie:2011