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Worldviews, Science and Us: Bridging Knowledge and Its Implications for Our Perspectives of the World.

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The present volume is part of the 'Worldviews, Science and Us' series of proceedings. It contains selected contributions on the subject of bridging knowledge and its implications for our perspectives of the world. This volume also represents the proceedings of the interdisciplinary stream of the international workshop (Part 1) Times of Entanglement, 21-22 September 2010 at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, People's Republic of China in the context of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 and, related cutting-edge investigations in the quantum paradigm from discussion panels organized by the Leo Apostel Center for Interdisciplinary studies within the framework of the 'Research on the Construction of Integrating Worldviews' research community set up by the Flanders Fund for Scientific Research. Further information about this research community and a full list of the associated international research centers can be found at http://www.vub.ac.be/CLEA/res/worldviews/.
Series: Worldviews, Science and Us
Aantal pagina's: 368
Jaar van publicatie:2011
Trefwoorden:worldviews, science
  • VABB Id: c:vabb:340976