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Department of Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology Ghent University

The research focuses on the synergy between fundamental and applied or policy-relevant research with target groups of normal and clinical populations of different ages. Illustrative of our policy is research on motivational processes, education and socialization; clinical research on obesity and eating disorders; research on personality, temperament and development of maladaptive traits and social psychological research on decision-making ...

Department of Experimental clinical and health psychology Ghent University

Clinical psychology examines the relationship between behavior, cognition and emotion on the one hand, and illness and health on the other. Common problems in children, adolescents or adults such as developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, delinquency,eating disorders, addiction, psychosis, relationship problems and / or sexual problems, are subject of study. Health psychology includes health promotion and psychological intervention in many ...

Work and Organisational Psychology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Our research interests focus on three major fields: 1. Work and Organisational Psychology: important topics relate to human resource management (career management, orientation programmes, multi-rater evaluation), managerial behaviour (managerial motivation, managerial behaviour in profit- and non-profit organisations), personnel selection (assessment centres), and total quality management (teamwork, social impact, and impact on organisational ...

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences Ghent University

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences has the ambition to be scientifically active at an international level in all disciplines in which it provides academic teaching. Its scientific output is the result of implementing since several years a consistent strategy of open recruitment, incentivizing doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and supporting the research efforts through an adequate research infrastructure.

Department of Experimental psychology Ghent University

Research in experimental psychology focuses on the functioning and the neuronal basis of cognitive and cognition-related processes, such as language, memory and attention. One builds on scientific knowledge of the theoretical basis of cognition and emotional processes in relation to cognition. This basic knowledge is also related to questions within, for example, social psychology, (experimental) psychopathology or health psychology.

Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Ghent University

Current scientific activities in the department include ADHD and PTSD in the domain of child and adolescent psychiatry, and eating disorders, suicidal behaviour en functional neuroimaging of psychopathology in adult psychiatrie, including the study of impulsivity and anxiety using brain metabolism and perfusion, cognitive testing and study of serotonine transporter and receptors. Research on the efficacy of treatment of diverse psychiatric ...