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simultaneous time-of-flight PET-MR scanner (FIRST PET-MR)

Both PET and MRI are regarded as the most advanced and sensitive non-invasive in vivo imaging technologies. PET enables quantitative imaging of dynamic biochemical processes while MRI allows functional and structural characterization of nearly all body tissues.

Currently all Flemish PET and MRI images are acquired sequentially by stand-alone PET or MRI systems as there are no simultaneous PET-MRI systems installed in Flanders. Yet, simultaneous PET and MRI imaging offers important scientific and medical benefits that are impossible to realize using stand-alone systems. We therefore believe that Flanders would greatly benefit by the availability of the technology; patient care will improve as simultaneous PET-MRI allows for better/faster treatment response assessment for patients undergoing combined or serial exams and Flemish medical research will profit from the cross-fertilization of skills present at the various partners, placing the consortium to the top of Europe.

The main goal of this application is therefore to acquire financial support to equip the Flemish universities and collaborating partners with a dedicated simultaneous PET-MRI system for clinical and large animal imaging research.

Type: Equipment
Location type: Single sited
Accessibility: Everyone
In use: 12 May 2017 →  Today
Disciplines: Multimedia processing, Biological system engineering, Signal processing
Keywords: PET-MRI system