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Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics


Main organisation:Faculty of Engineering
Lifecycle:1 Oct 1962 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The study group is mainly doing research and teaching in the following domains -Electric and Hybrid Vehicles- where the current activities consists of vehicle evaluation and demonstration, standardisation, drive train simulation, inductive charger development, battery testing and development of state-of-charge measurement techniques. Dissemination activities in collaboration with CITELEC, Association of Cities interested in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, and AVERE, the European Association of Electric and Hybrid Road Vehicles -Electrical drives and Power Electronics where the research focuses on ac drives for industrial application, dc and ac drives for electric vehicles and special power electronic equipment for electric vehicles. Beside there are also dissemination activities in collaboration with EPE, the European Power Electronics and Drives Association. -Computational Electrochemistry. This research group is approaching electrochemical phenomena from an electrical engineering and numerical engineering point of view. The research is done in close co-operation with the industry. Two main areas are covered: modelling of transport of charge and mass occurring in general electrochemical systems, macroscopic modelling of corrosion and cathodic protection of buried pipelines. The models are developed using an object oriented code enabling a more general approach to solve field equations -Lighting or illuminating engineering where the main research topics are structured around : basic visibility criteria and visual ergonomics, public, tunnel and residential area lighting design, material's reflection characterisation, reflector design, integration of (day)light and building functions in architectural design -Dissemination in the field of electrical engineering in collaboration with SRBE/KBVE, the Belgian Royal Society for Electrical Engineering.

Keywords:Electric Installations, Computational Electromagnetics, Numerical Electromagnetic Simulations, Lighting, Computational Electrochemistry, Electric Vehicles, Electrochemistry, Traction Batteries And Battery Chargers, Cathodic Protection
Disciplines:Automotive engineering, Modelling, Mechanics, Analytical chemistry